Wedding Of The Year!


Carol and Scott got married yesterday. It was one of the most beautiful, kooky, touching, and sincere weddings I have ever been to. Inner Cynic didn’t even come with me. That’s how good it was. We laughed, there were a few tears, and we toasted the couple in style. Our mother would have loved the hell out of the occasion.  I wore her jewelery to bring a little bit of her to the day.  Dad held up all right. His girlfriend is a wonderfully patient woman.

Also: My boobs stayed put in the strapless bra, I did not fall down in heels, I got to see my favourite cousin and his family, and Dad loved the tie I bought him.  Even my erstwhile Ghastly Uncle was merely annoying. And the food was fantastic!

Congratulations, Carol and Scott! You are both amazing people, and I am delighted to know and love you.

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