Battery Update

Last night after I posted, I called my dad to thank him for being a dad, and relayed my story about the dad-guy coming to my battery rescue.

Dad seemed taken aback at my fear of jump-starting cars, probably because I am so comfortable with other car-related stuff. After all, only one of his children talks about drive trains, and it’s not the Philosophy professor.

He explained that car batteries are only 12 volts, (I knew this but I never really thought about it) and that I didn’t need to find the engine block (a trick when the cars these days seem made of plastic), that I could just go positive-positive, negative-negative, and be fine.

Since I once licked a nine-volt on a dare from a boyfriend (he wanted to hear what kind of noise I made, the sadist), I was reassured. Dad and I talked about cars and stuff for a half-hour last night, which is somewhat of a record for us.

And then this morning, David called from the Co-op. His voice was so full of trust as he explained where the car with the dead battery was.  In his mind, I had no battery issues at all. I told him, “I ‘m going to need someone to drive the jumped car out of downtown”, as casually as I could. Remembering the shriek and tingle of the nine-volt on my tongue. Not so bad, right? Riiiiight.

So Annika met me there, and said, “I’ll let you do it, since you know what you’re doing.” Ahaha, if she only knew!

But positive-positive, negative-negative worked. No mess, no fuss. And in two minutes, we were on our way, cables safely stowed and cars purring along.

So I guess I’m not afraid any more! Thanks, Dad!

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