Pink Salmon Festival

Salmon Treats

Today Sandii and I wandered down to the Pink Salmon Festival.  Pink salmon have long needed peoples’ attention. They are the most numerous salmon species of the five in BC’s oceans, and they are much maligned, for reasons that are unclear to me.

Pinkies are smaller than the other species, under five pounds. Their flesh is milder and lighter than the other species’, and tastes more like a white fish, like halibut.  They are a little more like the Atlantic salmon that are grown in fish farms here, when those fish escape and get some real food and exercise in the wild (Although the government says they can’t exist in the wild so if you catch one, you really didn’t and shutupshutup lalalala, fish farming is totally sustainable and fine for the environment, there are no giant fish poo accretions around fish farms at allllll.)  Ahem.

Anyhow, several top chefs had created pink salmon recipes and for a donation, you could take a plate like the one you see above. It was all glorious.

It’s hard to get Pink salmon even in fish markets, because almost every other kind is better marketed and/or more exciting to catch. Springs, Sockeye and Coho are the money fish for commercial fishers and the popular ones for game fishers.  Chums and Pinks are the ones that get left behind, and very often, canned or turned into fertilizer.

What a waste! Fresh Pink cooked with lemon or a little brown sugar and soy sauce is absolutely glorious.   I hope the Pink Salmon Festival upped Pink’s image today. I’d like to be able to buy it fresh.

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