I am it.

There are a few reasons.

My academy boss circulated a really disheartening email to the teachers this weekend, reiterating his ‘no eating’ thing. But snacks are OK. Along with that, no personal stuff, like  reading. But model the right behaviour. Oh, and pay more attention to the kids, asking about their lives. But don’t let them do anything off-topic.

Pretty contradictory. And I know that if I ask for clarification I’ll just bloody my nose on the language barrier, because what the boss really wants to say is  ‘Act like I have you over a barrel at an academy in Korea.’ So that’s frustrating. Because the teachers, we do a great job. We work our asses off, and it’s really discouraging to get this kind of feedback.

Enrollment is down (I think it’s primarily economic in nature) and he is anxious. But making us feel bad isn;t going to help. I’m kind of thinking of going Ronin again, and just tutoring privately. That scares me.

In addition to the work, there’s my squirrelly family. We are interring my grandma and grandpa’s ashes next Saturday and Ghastly Aunt and Bigoted Uncle will be there, along with Used Car Salesman cousin and probably Never Got To Go To University Because She’s A Girl. I suspect there will be issues. I kind of wish I had access to valium.

Because I am doing the family jaunt, I won’t be able to go to Roberts Creek for a pig roast. I have never been to a pig roast and I badly wanted to go. (More on the shenanigans later as I need to write about JP’s place anyhow.) Anyway, it’s going to be a whole pig! (stamps foot)

Also, PMS is kicking my ass. I keep seeing that McDonad’s ad, the one with the olympian and the little girl asks for his autograph and it’s for her mom? And I cry. And crying at McDonalds ads is incredibly pathetic.

So, there’s my crank. Anyone else got a whinge?

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