Shopping Meditation

When stuff is on my mind, I like to go shopping. Not to buy, just to browse.  I can sort through racks of clothes and sort through my thoughts at the same time. I can look at stuff and simultaneously distract myself and begin to approach problems and think about solutions. I like it.

But in my ruminations today, I could not help but notice they’re trying to sell me 1986. Again.  Slouchy faux-suede purple ankle boots? Not on my feet. Plaid bat-wing-sleeved  sweaters with gold button detail? Not on my person.  Tassels? Not on my life, thank you very much! I lived through that particular nightmare once before. And I still have the scars.

I think growing up in the eighties actually warped my fashion sense. I rarely stray from clothes that are classic or even generic. I don’t like labels. I’m not fond of showy details. So I won’t spend a lot of money on clothes this year. I’ll wait until I can shop and not come home with the wardrobe of an angry clown.

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