Authoritay. I Don’t Got It.

Ok, I’m bossy. I get that. It helps me get stuff done. But sometimes my bossiness, or confidence, as I like to call it, makes people think that I have some kind of power that I don’t actually have.  Really, I have no authority.

Take today,  for example. I was car jockeying when I got a call from the Co-Op office. The woman on the phone was asking me what to do, because there were no unused trip logs at one of our car locations. Me? I’m a minion, lady. I don’t know what to do. I know it looks like I know what to do, because I call you all the time and tell you to shorten bookings or give you info about cars, but I really don’t know what to do. The boss might.  Maybe you should call him.

Then this evening, teaching, another example. If I have to leave the room, I tell the kids, “No parties” which is code for “Don’t be loud enough to get in trouble with the boss.” But little B, who is all of seven, pipes up with, “Yeah! We are going to have a party! We’re ordering pizza! Lots of pizza! Then we are turning out the lights and getting a disco ball and we are dancing all night!”

I tease, the kids tease back. I don’t have authority, really. We have mutual respect, and I think that’s better than me coming down heavy just to prove I can.

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