New Neighbors.

We have new upstairs neighbors and I think I’m going to like them just fine.

The previous people were a bit high-maintenance for me, and I always worried if we were disturbing her meditative space or his need to be master of all he surveyed. They weren’t bad people, just better suited to life where there are not three families in one house.

So when Mel was showing the place, I looked outside and saw this big, black, shaggy face smiling in at me. A dog! I was surprised and delighted and went out to say hi.

She was happy and waggy, with a big grin, and obedient to my commands. “I don’t care if I am judging these people by their dog. I want them upstairs,” I thought, and went to work. On the way out, I noticed a second dog, a brown-and-black mutt, just as friendly and curious as my shaggy black friend.

Mel called that evening to ask if I had any reservations about having dogs upstairs, because he’d narrowed it down to two choices. One was an older woman with a little dog, and the other was the couple with the two big dogs.

“Well, Mel,” I said, “It’s going to be harder for the couple with two big dogs to find a place. I don’t mind either, but you know how some landlords can be about big dogs. And two? They may have trouble.”  Too devious? I don’t know. But I do know my landlord. He’s a bit of a soft touch.

Result! Bella and Moon, and their people, are our new upstairs neighbors, and very relaxed and laid back they are.

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