Rockstar Boss.

It started a couple of weeks ago when my Co-Op boss was on tour with his rock band in Ontario.  I asked my 5:30 class, “Who wants to go drive a bunch of cars after class?” Three boys between 10 and 13 were instantly captivated: “What? Why? YES!”

I laughed and explained that I had to move some cars once class was over. Told them about the Co-Op and how I was doing more than usual because the boss was on tour.

They have decided I work for Eminem. Chad Kroeger, at a push. These young guys are sheltered and all they know of rock music is what they can snatch from a few stolen moments of MTV and what’s on their friends’ iPods. They don’t know about  independent music in small venues, arriving at a gig in a clapped-out minivan, or keeping beer cold in the toilet cistern of a Motel 6.

But now, every class, they ask how my rockstar boss is, and if I’m going to be driving after I finish teaching. It gives me a certain cachet of cool.

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