Random Crush Monday

A little November theme over here. On Mondays I will blog my random crushes. I know I missed last Monday, so I’ll throw in an extra crush at some point. If I can think of one, I mean. I probably will.  I have a lot of crushes. I always have. Celebrity, ordinary guys, fictional, whatever.

Today’s crush is Guy whatsisname from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Hang on, I should know his last name.

Fieri. Guy Fieri. Okay.

There’s just something about him. He’s got that awful hair and wears his sunglasses around the back of his neck like a rube, but he just enjoys everything so much. He takes big bites, he makes appreciative noises. He really loves his food.  You know he’d be just as enthusiastic in other areas.

Right now I’m watching him make some kind of pork chops on his cooking show.  He’s so enthusiastic! He also has that cuddly guy thing going on, which I do like. Yup. The verdict is in. I would certainly sample his pork chop.

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