News Fatigue.

Swine Flu! Olympics! Swine Flu! Olympics! Swine Olympics! Flu Olympics! H1N12010H1n120100

I’m so done with both of them. The whole vaccinate/don’t vaccinate/people have too much info/people don’t need to know/the government botched the vaccination/the government is trying to kill us/support the athletes/down with corporate greed/another games mascot/housing scandal.

The H1N1 paranoia is pissing me off because it’s everywhere, and it just shows how sheep-like people are. Influenza has been around, and mutating, for a long time. It will continue to be around for a long time. Wash your hands. Eat your veggies. Stay home if you’re sick. Don’t panic.

It’s also pissing me off because it’s scaring my students. I’m seeing more and more book reports linking the characters’ illnesses to H1N1. Stop scaring the kids, assholes!

And the Olympics? Stop shoving them down my throat. I can’t afford to go. I don’t want to see any events. Athletes, I am really in awe of your abilities, but government, watchdogs, and press? Shut the fuck up about the two weeks in February that will cause massive inconvenience and that taxpayers will rue for years to come.

Olympic Village will be leaky condos in a decade. I promise. You heard it here first.

I am >< this close to seceding from Canada, declaring myself a sovereign nation of one, and setting up Parliament in my closet, under a blanket.

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