Random Crush Monday.

Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Either or both.

I can’t even be arsed to Google their real names, because I don’t care. I just like the characters they play. Demon hunters who travel the land in a 1967 Impala? C’mon, who wouldn’t love them?

As demon hunters, they both have high levels of angst. Angst is yummy in a crush, especially a fictional one. Real-life angst is often tedious and late for appointments, but TV character angst is A-ok in my books.

Also, Dean is a massive classic rock fan, and often introduces himself and his brother to people as FBI agents with famous rockstar names, like Agents Lennon and McCartney. Sam doesn’t like the classics as much, but I kind of don’t mind.

Yes, it’s their looks and the angst and the car, but the ass kicking and intense loyalty to one another are what really won me over. I luff them.

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