Shake That Thang.

So Rachel and I have a student light coming up with belly dancing class. I have a little bit of anxiety about soloing. I have a lot more anxiety about the crazy-ass group piece that doesn’t repeat any movement and I know I’m going to screw up. But the solo has me scared.

Which is why I should do it. I think we should always do the stuff that scares us, unless it is something like shark wrestling or eating live tarantulas. But the song I love, the song I want to dance to is so crazy fast and upbeat I am afraid I’ll look like some kind of wriggling fool. You know, no technique, all singing into my hairbrush, like I’m at home in my bedroom.

I guess the my recent thoughts about the Pussy Armada (or was it Flotilla?) make me worry that I am too old to be leaping about and shimmying like a loon.

Then again, I don’t have much dignity to begin with. And I love the song.

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