Eggnog WIN!

Sometimes the elements of the day combine to become so much more than the sum of their parts.

12:50 PM, Tremblay’s spare parts room. I select an ice scraper that needs to go to a car in my neighborhood. Look for the code scanner thing the boss assures me is easy to use. Liar! Norm, who could give a bull seal a run for its money, shows me how to use the scanner on the car. Okay, it is sort of easy. I pocket the scraper for later. Then, several mechanics laugh at me for doing a little “What, what, wait, what?” dance in the parking lot as I talk to the boss.

2:26 PM, my classroom. I get a call from my landlord who offers me some whipping cream he’s not going to use. It’s in a cooler on the porch. I decide it is a sign from the universe and pick up rum to make eggnog.

9:15 PM, my kitchen. I take a sip of eggnog. Wow! The Good! Mmm, evening of eggnog and Smartfood. Calorific, but I am mighty fortified.

12:07 AM, email from Melissa. She had the car that needs the scraper. I venture out. Eggnog protective wall of cream and egg and rum means I have plenty of energy for the task, plus I can’t feel the cold!

A Good Day. I think that might be why eggnog was invented. It’s like super-extra fortification against cold and damp and apathy.

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