Mid-December Random Stuff.

I think I finally figured out links!

Yesterday night I had to explain New Moon to an eleven-year-old girl who didn’t understand a lot of what was going on in the book. She had never heard of LOLcats, or I would have shown her this which has me giggling every time I look at it. Thanks, Rachel!

I am still deeply amused by PANCAKES as well. E informs me that I can make an audio file of it, and I just might.

Also, one of my students gave me a Christmas pudding. I guess I’m feeding it to the orphans, although I have never cooked one before and I now have Pudding Anxiety, as well as Holiday Mood Disorder.

That’s Christmas sorted, though. Dad stays on the Island, Bo goes to Toronto and then to New York for an Important Philosophy Prof conference, and I cook for the orphans in the neighborhood.

Lots of people pity our family because we are so bad at togetherness. But Dad doesn’t seem to be eager to spend Christmas with Bo or me. I think it makes him miss Mom too much. Bo’s wife is in T.O. for Christmas. And me? I’d rather not make Dad sad, and my gravy and Yorkshires make the orphans happy. So I am best deployed to Jim’s kitchen, where I can make Christmas dinner for a bunch of people I care about, drink some wine, and be a part of the community I love and rely on. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not pity-worthy. That’s the point of being human.

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