Chocolate-Covered Bacon?

So yesterday I was hanging out at the Fringe, talking with John about the perfect twice-baked potato. We agreed on chives, butter, sour cream, and cheddar in the mix, and we both wondered if bacon would be nice too. I’m pro-bacon and mentioned that bacon is good with everything.

At that point, Matteo, who feels the need to contribute to every single conversation, said, “No. Not chocolate cake. Bacon doesn’t go with chocolate cake.”

But then both John and I got thoughtful. You could have the sweet and the salty thing which is so nice. But maybe the texture would be wrong. “How about just dipping bacon in chocolate? A nice dark one?” I wondered. Sandii leaned in, nodding. “With a touch of maple.” John’s eyes got big.”Nice!”

So have our taste-buds gone insane? Or does chocolate-covered bacon sound kind of delicious?

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