I Am A Young, Single Male.

Anybody else noticing the strange, patriotic spots on the Space Channel, wherein they wax poetic about someone who died in a war and got a medal? At first I thought it was some kind of Olympic, YAY CANADA propaganda, but Morgan thinks it’s about recruitment.

“Liz, who joins the army?”
“People with low IQs?”
“Um. Sometimes. Who else?”
“Poor people? People who want a free education?”
“Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of young, single males. People who watch the Space Channel. They get influenced by the guts and the glory, and they sign up.”

So I told E, as we were watching the Space Channel.

“I’m a young, single male?”
“I guess you are!”
“WooHoo! I’m a young, single male!”
“Yes, you are. But so am I. So we’re going to review our stance on spooning in bed, if you want to keep your current sexual orientation.”

Morgan’s theory makes more sense than mine, even if not only young, single males watch Space.

Although he also said that Christian groups have been authorized to hand out coffee and cookies at Skytrain stations during the Olympics, because the lines for the trains will be more than an hour long. So I don’t know if I trust his brain.

Oh, wait. this suggests we’re fucked.

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