I am a Pod. An iPod.

I’m trying to be aware when I’m walking around listening to music. I don’t want to be one of those clued-out zombies who stare, slack-jawed, into the distance while old ladies have to stand on the bus, or people on crutches try to get past me.

So I’ve been using my eyes more, and I see there are a lot of people with MP3 players out there. They are everywhere.

So why are they not dancing the way I am? Why do their lips not curl in sheer delight when a riff they love plays? Why aren’t they nodding their heads and swaying? Am I uncool for loving my music? Do I care?

In an unrelated note, I bought a pair of size 6 jeans today. They fit. I was swimming in the size 10 and 8. I cannot credit ten days of iPod dancing, though. Thank you, vanity sizing!

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