Personal Protection.

So when I bought E an iPod for Christmas, I knew I was giving him the gift of music, but I didn’t know I was also giving him a safe way to navigate the streets at night.

Not that he needs it. At six foot five and slightly burly, he looks like there’s a wookie in his immediate family tree. Especially with the shoulder-length hair and the not shaving very often. Only drunk guys with Napoleon complexes challenge him. His strategy is to agree with them until they go away. He’s just not a fighter.

But I was just taking out the recycling and heard him as he wandered into the yard. “Yeeaaah, mmmmmmhm….brawr…dooo doo bwap!” He’s half-singing to himself as he shambles along, shaking his head to the music.

My boyfriend looks like a crazy person when he has his iPod on. I kind of think that’s awesome.

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