Clueless Ships That Pass in the Night.

So I’m puttering around the house, and the tv is on the Food Network. I don’t necessarily watch it, but I like the noise and I like glancing over and seeing yummy food. Also, I get ideas.

But all the shows today have been about Valentines Day meals and for about an hour, I was thinking, “Gosh, these must be reruns. V Day isn’t anywhere around now.”

And then I remembered it is. See, there is no reason for me to think of it because I haven’t really seen E for a while now. I come in from tutoring and he is dozing on the couch. At best, we have a little conversation about the day and then he toddles off to bed because he has to be at work so early, fixing the Olympic stuff that keeps on breaking. In fact, they put a night crew on because the day crew can’t even get to all the stuff that’s breaking during the day. Yeah, VANOC, I wrote that down on the Internet. Suck it.

In any case, I probably won’t see much more of E until after the brouhaha, so we will probably have V Day in March or something. There’s no earthly reason for me to make duck in orange sauce or whatever (current guy is deep-frying okra. I wouldn’t make that at any point) for him at any point in February.

I kind of miss him. The couch is too big.

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