Criminal Intent.

Last night I broke into a house to rescue a cat.

OK, it wasn’t that dramatic.

The landlord is away and his daughter was supposed to come over and take care of the cat. But she got locked out. She and I (both slightly tipsy and with no break-in skillz whatsoever) jimmied and poked and tried to pick the door, to no avail. The cat was meowing piteously at us. We were getting frustrated. We were going to have to do something drastic, up there on the third floor fire escape at midnight.

So I wrapped my jacket around my fist and punched in the glass pane closest to the knob. You always read about that in books. Top tip: It works! Thank you, reading, for giving me new skills!

I vacuumed up the glass while Shaena got the cat some food. Then we giggled for a while, because, really, neither of us expected to become criminals on a Saturday night!

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