This Just In!

Forgive my time travel back from 1954, but E has just informed me that Olympic Volunteers are issued a ‘Non-Religious Moral Guide’ authored by none other than L Ron Hubbard! Suddenly, the lovefest in the coat tent makes sense! The high-fives and group hugs would certainly be par for the course.

But the poor bus etiquette and general uselessness? L Ron should have devoted a chapter to that. Because these people get free bus passes, outfits and accessories, and this what I see them doing:

Standing around on street corners in groups, perusing maps and disrupting the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Walking around gawking at things. See above, re: pedestrian traffic.

Not moving back as more people get on the bus.

Not vacating seats for the elderly/people with crutches on the bus.

Getting off the front doors of the bus, even when there is a clear way to the back doors.

Not doing a single useful thing since the beginning to February, that I can see. (Dude who scrutinized my boobs in an effort to find the accreditation badge that wasn’t there, you are a double helping of Useless. They are boobs, not plastic laminated pics of my face. Lots of people can tell the difference.)

L Ron, you’re on notice. You’re falling down on your Politeness Brainwashing Obligations.

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