Zoology On The Fly.

At work, our reading and vocabulary exercises often have to do with animals. Animals, as a subject, are generally popular with the kids doing the exercises. They ask questions, and the questions breed more questions, and sometimes we can all learn something new and cool from the conversations we have.

There were two questions I couldn’t answer definitively today.

1) Can an aardvark swim? Um. I told the student that since aardvarks live in hot and dusty places in Africa, its probably not a big factor in their skill set.

2) Can crocodiles stand on their hind legs? I said: Probably not, because their bodies are heavy and they need the support of four legs. Their legs can support their bodies, but do not hinge that way. (I got down on the floor to show that while they can lift their bodies somewhat, they have the wrong legs for standing upright.) Besides, if a crocodile stood on its hind legs, and chased us, we would be WAY more scared of crocodiles!

Another memorable lesson. Just not the lesson the company intended.

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