Code Red.

J bounced into the classroom. “We had Code Red Drill today!”
“Really? What is that?”
“The principal says ‘Code Red’ on the announcer thing. We all close the curtain and hide! And David locks the doors!” Whatever it was, it was exciting.

In the ensuing conversation between J, A, and myself, I discovered that schools drill the kids now for Columbine-esque situations. Maybe estranged parents? Each classroom goes into immediate lockdown and the kids get out of line-of-sight from doors or windows. Since there is also Code Yellow (stranger on the grounds, but not yet in the building), I can only assume that these Codes have a number of functions. A’s school, out there in the forest at UBC, apparently uses Code Yellow for ‘dangerous animals’. In my many years of traipsing through those woods at all times of day and night, I have never encountered anything more dangerous than a drunk frat boy.

Both boys agree that Code Reds are really exciting. Remember fire drills, where you had to line up and someone counted everyone, and you waited outside in the rain for the school bell to ring three times? Boring. (Until Tara and I invented the Fire Polka in Grade Ten, anyhow.) But Code Reds are like espionage! You hide! There’s lockdown!

I like that the kids aren’t bothered by what could potentially be a very scary situation. They’re resilient like that. But I hate the fact that they need drilling for things like hostile strangers in the building or on the grounds. Hate it a lot.

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