Here’s my backyard from the rooftop patio next door. Yes, it really is as overgrown and messy and confusing as it looks. We like it that way.

Why were you on the rooftop patio next door, Liz? I hear you ask. Well, it’s the front unit, not the fence-building control freak in the back. It was an open house. because the place is for sale. I couldn’t resist, because I am incredibly nosy.

It’s over a million dollars, and absolutely gorgeous. Of course, they had professional stagers come in, and that’s got to help. But if I mentally blanked the staging, I could just about see myself living in that house. Almost. But I’d have to be on my best behavior. It was an adult’s house, and I am not always an adult.

I went back with my neighbour, Upstairs Liz, who is from Nova Scotia and one of the nicest people I have ever met (Always judge people by their dogs. Dogs don’t lie!) and we almost decided to go to the bank and buy it ourselves, lounge around on the rooftop and make our men go out and work to pay the mortgage. But then we looked back to where the Control Freak lives, and thought, “Mmm. Not worth it.”

It was a close thing, but we like living with Mel and Barb in our soon-to-be-pink house, with its odd little angles and quirks, and ramshackle garden, where we don’t have to be adults all the time.

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