Do I go to my high school reunion or not?

I got the invitation a couple of weeks ago (on Facebook, natch) and I guess I sort of want to go. But not really. Could I be any more obtuse?

The few people I have talked to about it say I should go, because when I’m eighty I will regret not going. I don’t know. Will I care about any of those people more when I’m eighty than I do now?

If I go, I am not bringing E. He does NOT need to stand around and make small talk with a bunch of strangers from 20 years ago in MY history. That’s just unfair to him.

A few of my friends from back then appear to be going. They are all moms and married and grown up and stuff. I, on the other hand, live in sin, make fart jokes, and want a baby sloth. They moved to the suburbs-or to other countries-for floor space and real estate. I live in someone else’s basement. I wonder how much we have in common.

I am mildly curious about some of the people who have not signed up. Did that one guy ever get a girlfriend? Did that other one get his space epic novel published? Did that guy go to jail like I predicted?

Also, the anxiety. Like many kids, High School was a very anxious time for me. And now I have anxiety about the anxiety and that is too much anxiety.

What would you do? Go all Cowboy Astronaut like Homer Simpson? Go at all? Or stay home and drink wine?

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