I ended up going. I waffled til the last minute, though. But with Tara as my date, I felt a little braver.

We walked in and were given name tags with our grad pictures on them (Did I graduate at 12? Was I ever that young?) and bought drink tickets. Three bucks for a beer or a glass of wine. This ended up being my shameful downfall. More on that later.

It ended up being a hell of a lot of fun. Funnily enough, a lot of the things I had predicted for my classmates had come true. Became A Stripper is now a trophy wife in a gated community in Texas. Little Weasel is a salesman and has been in rehab twice. Looked like he was heading there again. Skater Dude tossed his long, palomino locks and acted chill. Married A Nerd was more relaxed and confident than in high school. Too Tall still has muscle cars and is a suave DJ. Unexpectedly Kind Rocker Girl, who used to comfort me in the bathroom after I failed math tests, went brunette. Scrawny Boy bulked up and has a comfortable, booming laugh. Known Him Since Birth is a responsible Government worker, and has grown into his face charmingly.

And, of course, my old friends. We are all a bit plumper and less neurotic, for sure. Tara and Duncan held no surprises, because I see them semi-regularly. Although Duncan is slowly becoming King Lear. The funny thing was, I noticed the differences in them and then they were just my friends, and there were no more differences. Pia still mothers, Jenny still bosses, Christi still has a laugh that can light up the world, and Jess still finds the absurd. Perfectly.

It was wonderful, except the three-dollar drinks. I budgeted for six dollar drinks. That was a lot of wine. But Tara was the Best Date Ever, and got me home. Although I don’t know how I broke my key or managed to get into bed. Maybe it was my resourceful teenage self, helping me along.

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