Sick Kitty.

My cat is on drugs.

No, really. We have been having some issues with the little guy. He’s been unnaturally aggressive at times. He was attacking me if I tried to go outside, sometimes. And then there was the pooping on the rug thing. Like, every two days. Sometimes right while we were in the room. He’d just drop a deuce and then look at us. Time for the vet.

E took him to see Dr Bob. When E let Bax out of his box to be examined, he shredded E’s arm (we are talking rivulets of blood), so Dr Bob wouldn’t go near him. “He’s angry”, he observed, and gave E some Diazepam for Bax.

We sneak it into Baxter’s food and he is mellow. No anger there. Right now he is on my bedside table, purring at the lamp. But E and I are worried that we did something to Bax. We feel sick and guilty. How did he get so angry?

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