Last night I went to work at 10PM, collecting trip logs for the Co-Op. The money’s as sucky as it is car jockeying, but I get to choose the radio station. And I do find it oddly peaceful. The streets empty out and as I grab logs from cars, I can sometimes see and hear snippets of people’s lives from outside in the darkness.

Because I have the kind of brain I have, I get into this romantic, loner-in-the-darkness shtick, and I start feeling like some kind of misunderstood antihero. I like that, too. I am following my own rugged path. Those blind, ignorant members of the public, they don’t know that I am out in the lonely dark, working for the greater good. The Mantle of Righteousness sits comfortably on my shoulders.

Of course, in the light of day, this is patently ridiculous. But I like the peacefulness in the middle of the night.

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