Coast Friday

Ok, my hard drive exploded, so I have been dealing with the aftermath of that. However, what I really want to say is: Vacations Are Good.

Heading upcoast last Friday to the property JP takes care of, Sandii called to make sure he was at the property. Turns out, not.

She turned to me. “We have to get off at another stop. There’s a path down through the woods to the back of the legion. They’re at the legion.”

OK. Wait. Now we have to get off the bus where we don’t know where we are and then walk through a forest we don’t know to a destination we’re not sure we know where it is?


No kidding. You can’t get lost on the Sunshine Coast. It’s too small. Just walk downhill awhile and you’ll come to a landmark or someone to give you directions. Walking through the woods, my biggest concern was gauging the ripeness of the blackberries on the trail. “There’s lots here,” I told Sandii. “I think there will be a lot on the property.”

When we got to the legion, JP told us the plan: We’re going to have a couple beers and then go to Jeff’s birthday, down at Browning Beach.

I’m thinking, Who’s Jeff? We don’t have presents. Or cake. Or a passing acquaintance with Jeff.

It turns out, upcoast, that doesn’t matter.

We ended up on a glorious beach, watching the sunset and listening to casual live music from guys with guitars and drums. It didn’t matter that we’d never met them before.

That’s the thing about upcoast. You end up making friends.

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