Leftover Night, or, Random Bullets.

Actually, I don’t even know how to do bullets, so the creamed corn is oozing over onto the lasagna and the mashed potato is wilting the salad. Appetizing, huh? I am so gourmet.

I love Glee, but I do wish they would include the random extra musicians who are always in the background. I think they would make good additions to the cast. You know, Danny the Alto Sax has bunions and longs to take riding lessons. Claire the second violin explores her loathing of football players because she was bullied in high school. That kind of thing. I would dig that.

Some kind of insect bit me as I slept last night. I have these angry bites on my shoulder and fear bedbugs. Vancouver has bedbugs. I do not want bedbugs. Probably it was just a spider (ugh!) but what if it wasn’t?

My car jockey boss has gone on tour with DOA. First of all, how cool is that?! But what it means is that the office assumes I can step into his shoes and just…know everything. Every morning there are 7 emails in my inbox with all conflicting instructions. I’m lucky the garage is patient.

Also, what about all those old rappers on procedural crime dramas? LL Cool J is on NCIS: LA. Ice-T is on Law & Order SVU. Am I missing anybody? When did superannuated rappers turn into the must-have cast member for murder shows?

I’ve been working so, so hard to pay off my student loan. My deal was, get it done by January, and then spend a week in Paris in April, taking photos and maybe popping down to Northern Italy. Except. Except. Christmas rears its ugly head and I may be going to Regina. I dodged it last year, and E tells me that this is not a year when the family goes to the neighbour who serves cold mutton meatballs, but still. Regina, or Paris? What would you choose?

Also, this is selfish, but I don’t want to share Photo-a-day with E’s parents. This is irrational and comes from my having a mother who would not give up until she knew Every. Little. Thing. and would then proceed to take over my decision-making process. I know I get it from that, but I do not want them to know, because they will be so terribly interested in this project. Out of niceness.

So, that’s the random roundup. Me: Itchy, harassed, confused, impoverished, and secretive. You?

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