Then It Was November…

And you guys know that I like to write to keep myself afloat.

So I am instituting Mad Mondays for the month of November. There will be a different theme every weekday, but I haven’t worked them all out yet. Also, I might miss some days, due to apathy or having to do stuff. And I might change the topics. Depending on how I feel.

Today I am mad because my car jockey bosses have been sending me and the cars to a different garage. People who know me, know that I don’t take change well. This new garage is fine, as it stands, but a) they don’t think I can reverse a car out of a service bay by myself and b) they are not in a convenient location and c) they are too small to accommodate us.

When (I’ll call him) Punk Boss went to play with DOA last month, (I’ll call him) High Tech Boss started sending the cars to the new place. I thought normalcy would return when Punk Boss returned, but no. I’m still taking the cars to the new place.

It is consistently turning me into a scowling, shark-eyed bitch. Not to anyone’s face, because I am not that way (when I can help it). But I catch sight of myself in windows and bus shelter ads. I look mean. I am a) inconvenienced b) wasting time waiting for buses to and fro and c) I feel like they are making me cheat on the old garage. Which has space for our stuff, when the new one doesn’t.

I’d be fine with taking some of the cars to the new garage. But it doesn’t make sense, timewise, to take all of them there. Nothing against the garage guys there. Max is nice, Leo is nice, White Guy (Buford? Buffett?) is lovely. But both Punk Boss and High Tech Boss are wasting company money on me waiting for a bus to get to a Kits car (where we have a ton of them) or an East End car (also a ton of cars there).

A couple of weeks ago, I went into the old garage where they have space for our stuff, to apologize. I almost started crying. I feel bad for that, because it demonizes the bosses in the old garage’s eyes. Because the bosses made Liz cry? The garage hates that.

I have explained my worries to both bosses. I will explain again. And then I’ll just start being really slow. It’s not even going to take a lot of effort. I’ll just trust the buses. And seethe.

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