Friends. Food. Fun.

Whoops. I totally missed Wednesday blogging, and I even had it planned. That’s because my plans were derailed, for which I end up thankful. So. Thankful Thursday, here it is.

I can cook. I have got food covered. But I almost never use a recipe unless I’m baking. Baking’s different, because there’s more science involved, I guess.

Our friend Coleen, though, couldn’t cook without a recipe. She needed things to be exact, and didn’t like it. “I want to know what goes with stuff,” she said. “I want to be able to taste and figure it out.”

So last night, Fran and and I supervised Coleen making shepherd’s pie. We went over to Jim’s, because he has the best kitchen and never minds if people invade in order to cook. Fran decided on shepherd’s pie because it’s one of those things you can eyeball, and it never comes out wrong. No one needs a recipe for shepherd’s pie.

It was a good choice. When Coleen pulled those dishes out of the oven, she was red-cheeked and grinning at her own success. It tasted great, and she gained a lot of confidence. I was proud of her for letting go of needing a recipe and happy that we could help her with that.

Butbutbut. One thing about Jim is, he loves trivia. And Star Wars. And so he has both the regular and Star Wars version of Trivial Pursuit, as well as a new music-themed trivia game Fran brought over. So we sat around (or pranced a few victory dances in my case) asking one another questions. Steve and Jim were astonished at my Star Wars trivia retention. I can’t help it. I’m a nerd.

I ended up coming home at 1AM, more than a little tipsy and full of shepherd’s pie and the knowledge that I can hold my own, when it comes to Star Wars trivia.

So. Thankful Thursday: I’m thankful for friends who don’t care-who even love-that I’m a nerd, food to eat, and impromptu fun, in any form.

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