Sometimes it seems like a mean world. People are grumpy, the weather is gross, drivers are clueless. So it’s kind of surprising sometimes when someone says something nice. That’s what Friday is going to be about this month: Friendly Fridays.

On Wednesday I met Gen for lunch. Her eldest child, Imogen, had chosen a gorgeous bouquet of yellow flowers for me at the florist next to the cafe. I was carrying the flowers home when a woman approached me and pointed to the flowers. “They are beautiful. Where did you get them?”
I explained that it was over on Commercial and agreed that they were beautiful. She nodded and gave them a frankly admiring gaze before continuing.

Then, I was in Safeway about twenty minutes later and this older, weathered-faced guy calls out to me, “Flowers for a flower!” I was so surprised I said, “Yes!”, which sounds weird when I think about it, but I was surprised, after all.

Those cheerful yellow blooms brought a little happiness into my life and the lives of the people who commented on them. Just a little sunshine, shining all around. What a good idea.

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