Baking Day

I have not been out of the house today. Actually, that’s a lie. I went out to get a bottle of wine. So that was ten minutes. Oh, and I brought my landlord some potato leek soup. But the rest of the time, I have been baking and sewing. Seriously. I woke up and thought, “Hey, I have a lot of eggs. I’ll bake.” And I was working on my new purse, except the sewing machine electric cord is broken and so I have sewn the whole thing so far by hand. It’s not done yet.

Periodically in my baking, sewing, and tv watching (Multitasker that I am), I’d think, “I have to blog. I have to blog and I have nothing. No theme for Saturday. What’s a good theme?” But then I remembered that I do take pictures every day and decided that Saturday would be photoblog day. It’s not alliterative, but whatever. Alliteration is not the only trick to good writing. And by good, I mean, writing anything at all.

I’ve just been watching Merlin on the Space channel and he sent some poor dead girl out into a lake, recumbent in a dinghy. Other than the obvious nod to The Lady of Shalott, if that was standard practice, wouldn’t there be a lot of dinghies floating around with decomposing bodies in them? And wouldn’t it be a waste of dinghies?

Oh. Right. Photos.

Sweet Potato Tarts:

Apple-Blackberry Tarts:

Yorkshire Puds:


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