In The Warm.

Yep, it’s still Monday and I’m still mad about changing garages. The good news, though, is all our snow tires are still at Tremblay, so I got to see my boys for a while today, with the bonus of not being out in sub-zero temperatures.

I had a good natter with Sam, the patriarch, and catch up with my mechanics. “Who’s going to bake us cookies?” asked Norm, the bald giant who is my best friend when it comes to clearing codes on Mini Coopers. “You’ll have to go on diets,” I sighed. Chris looked sombre, like he was at a funeral for all the cookies he would never eat.

We could have avoided this whole situation so very easily, and I hope I don’t shoot my mouth off at the wrong person in my disgust. As for the apparent money saving? I’ve been doing the math, and I’m costing the company about thirty bucks a week, just standing around waiting for a goddamn Cambie bus or hoofing it to the Canada Line. The lack of efficiency is almost physically painful.

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