So I kind of failed at the blogging every day in November. But stuff happened. Good stuff and bad stuff.

Stuff that happened:

I had lunch at Helen’s Grill at 25th and Main today. I am going to do that more, because what an experience, complete with tableside juke boxes and local pedant opining to the waitress about taxes and wages. I don’t know why I never went there when Cheesefairy and Mrs Dymund lived just around the corner. I know they did.

Snow. Cold. I’m a wimp.

An acquaintance of mine died in a mountain climbing accident today. She was a lovely and vibrant woman and leaves a Heather-shaped hole in the world.

I took the last snow tire car to Tremblay today. Unless something drastic happens, I won’t be going there again for any work reason. Rachel, can I take your car for an oil change?

E and I booked tickets for Regina for Christmas. His parents are paying, which makes him feel inadequate. I hate that. But really, we didn’t have twelve hundred bucks to feed his father’s Norman Rockwell delusions.

It’s E’s and my 11th anniversary. According to the Internet, steel is the traditional eleventh anniversary gift. Of course, that is marriage anniversaries, but we don’t have one of them. Um. Steel. He baked burritos in a steel pan and washed my steel chef’s knife. OK, we’re good.

I’m going to visit my aunt in Victoria tomorrow, and then to lovely Deb’s sendoff party. So if I blog tomorrow, it will be totally late and maybe a little tipsy.

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