Thankful, a Photo, and Slightly Stupid.

Yesterday I woke up late to get to my aunt in Victoria, so I took a thirty-dollar cab ride to make it to the bus to make it to the ferry on time. Canada – it’s big and spread out. We had a lovely chance to talk about the family and life. I’m really thankful for these times with her.

I left at three to get to Arwen’s for Deb’s party at eight. Five hours’ journey times two = a ten-hour travel day. Probably staying at the party until after 1am after such a long day was slightly stupid, but we were all having such a great time! Even with my less than auspicious start to the party.

Also, when I got to Arwen’s I had red eyes and a puffy face, Within ten minutes, my back and shoulders were covered with hives, my eyelids were swollen, there was some kind of lump on the inside of my lower lip and Arwen hurriedly gave me some kind of antihistamine. That’s my new party trick: Alarming histamine reaction ftw! Sorry for scaring everyone! Phil told me, “You look normal now” about two hours later, so whatever it was, was fleeting. Anyhow, I’m thankful for friends who can diagnose ailments and administer the right drugs. Again, slightly stupid to drink several glasses of wine with said histamine reaction happening, but I drank a ton of water as well.

So, a long day, but I’ve taken it easy today. Made spaghetti sauce. Rearranged the storage area. played with the cat. Little blessings.

Here’s a photo I took on the ferry:

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