I’ve been in a hazy funk all day. Sometimes on the board I post on, we do good/bad threads, to try and put it all in perspective. I’m putting mine here, in an attempt to de-funk. But first the bad, then the good. To end on a positive note.


I want a bath. We do not have a bathtub. I am seriously considering taking Upstairs Liz up on her offer to use their tub.

Sleeplessness. Anxiety. Waking up at 6AM because everything is screaming towards the front of my skull and then running around in circles going HEYHEYHEYHEYHEYHEYPAYATTENTIONTOMEEEEEE.

Losing Students: I hate it. Everyone knows I get attached to anyone who stays in my sphere of reference for any time. Now Winter Break is coming up and it means loads of students, including several I have real affection for, are going back to the grindstone.

My family: Misanthrope dad, brother who has to hawk his ass at the Philosophy convention to get a job but there aren’t any, and cancer-ridden aunt. Said aunt’s son, my favourite cousin. Sheesh.


A morning off tomorrow to sort out banking, bill paying, and buying a new sewing machine pedal. Maybe more drugs for the cat.

Knowing I am going to be seeing the Harry Potter movie sometime soon.

ESL class in January means more money to pay for things like dentist appointments and trips to Paris.

Paris. It’s amazing how many flat tires I can change, and batteries I can jump-start with rainwater seeping through my jeans and running down my head in rivulets, knowing that there’s a week in April coming up where I will be in Europe.

My beautiful students, with their funny questions and discussions, big and small successes. I hope they know how hard I root for them.

Ok. Better. Anyone else want to do a good/bad?

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