I have to say, if I deserve the friends I have, I am a stellar example of humanity.

Thank you all for your kind words and your even kinder actions. I’m being employed this week deep-cleaning a friend’s house, and if the weather ever lets up, his garden. I’ve been beer-tasting and dinner-making and every day have had something to look forward to, thanks to my friends just, well, stepping up.

I’m also taking my brother’s advice. I mentioned feeling like a border collie, and Bo, in his infinite wisdom, said, “You can take yourself for walks.” I guess that’s why he’s teaching at Yale next year. He is SMRT.

So I’m taking myself for walks. Last night, I went to a wake E was playing at. OK, you may not think that sounds like a lot of fun, but bear in mind, I have a certain talent for attending celebrating-the-deceased type events. As X-Men powers go, it is kind of lame, but what the hell. There was beer there, and dancing, and frail old guys with Opinions. I love all of those things.

Thanks for listening.

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