‘Tis the Season.

I know I am not a wildly social person. I know I’m an introvert. I know that I can do well in social situations, but I’d rather have a group of people I know than a group of strangers. Any day.

What I don’t like is a party full of strangers. What’s even worse is a party full of boring strangers. That was last night for me. I can’t say I didn’t have a good time, but I can’t say I didn’t do it without the aid of copious amounts of red wine.

The hosts of the party are an old friend of E’s and his wife. I like the old friend. I don’t like the wife. I can’t help it. She’s petty, narrow-minded, and shrill. And talkative. I spent the party mostly avoiding her (while hypocrtically chowing down on her fantastic canapes; I have to admit the woman can cook!), which caused me to be in serious discussions about things I wasn’t really interested in, like building codes and hospital administration and launching a business selling stickers.

After the drink had been flowing and the herbed chevre with cranberries and the spinach dip (I love spinach dip!) were inside me, I felt a little better about things. I did have a great conversation and impromptu dance class with a couple of women, who were all excited when I said I belly-danced. We also compared the Canadian education system to the Hong Kong one. I think I like theirs better. I had another conversation with someone about the temperament of Apaloosa horses. Also, I had a conversation with a young woman about lobster livers. That was pretty interesting.

Even the old friend’s sonsy, nattering wife ceased to annoy after a while. She means well. We stayed way too late and it was darn hard to get up this morning.

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