Two Conversations.

I just sat back and listened to this one.

Kid 1: How many legs does Terry Fox have?
Kid 2: One. See? (holds up book with picture)
Kid 3: He’s dead. He doesn’t have any.
Kid 1: But he’s in Heaven. Wouldn’t God, like, take his cancer away and give him two legs?
Kid 3: Um. Maybe. Would he need two legs in Heaven, or just be OK with the fake one?


Kid 1: Why are there homeless people here but not at UBC?
Me: They probably are at UBC, but they sleep in the forest, so you don’t see them.
Kid 2: Why?
Me: Because they don’t want the police to catch them.
Kid 1: Are they illegal?
Me: No… but some of them are a little bit…well, they don’t think like we do.
Kid 2: I saw a homeless! Downtown.
Kid 1: I saw them here sometimes.
Me: Yes, Vancouver does have a lot of homeless people. Sometimes the government hasn’t cared very well for the people who needed it.
Kid 3: Why? Do the police arrest them?
Me: No. They want to take them to shelters. You know that word, right?
Kid 1: Yeah. A safe place. Why don’t they go?
Me: Well, sometimes there are…bullies in the shelters and they aren’t really that safe. Some people prefer not to be near the bullies.
Kid 1: I would say, Hey, Polices! He is being mean!
Me: Sometimes there aren’t that many police officers around.
Kid 3: So the safe place isn’t even safe?
Me: Not always.
Kid 1: That makes me feel lonely.

2 Comments to “Two Conversations.”

  1. By Beth, March 21, 2010 @ 8:36 am

    I’m with Kid 1. Sometimes I see the street folk and I feel lonely too.

  2. By Liz, March 21, 2010 @ 11:30 am

    Yeah. Me, too.

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