Peter and Katherine Get Married

Yesterday I went to the most wonderful wedding. Morgan’s little sister Katherine, the nicest girl I have ever met, got married to Peter, the nicest boy I have ever met.

Inner Cynic didn’t even make it out of the gate with this one.

The ceremony was at the Lutheran church, but it wasn’t a Lutheran ceremony. Instead, the officiant said lovely things about each of them, about Katherine’s commitment and her attention to the minutiae, and Peter’s concentration in his music and in his attention to daily life, and then they said their vows, which were simple and lovely.

The reception was at the Polish Community Center. Potluck, and such gorgeous food. Tara, Morgan’s wife, made the cake, and iced and assembled it on site, which was pure magic to watch.

The thing about Tara is, she’s a Kitchen Goddess. When she steps into a kitchen, she is automatically the boss. She doesn’t do anything to displace anyone, she just naturally becomes the boss of any kitchen she enters. It’s like she’s air and anything else is water: She rises to the top.

Tara iced the cake, and I helped, and the wait staff were watching in awe as T balanced the cake layers one on top of the other. It was a triumph!

The reception was wonderful, and because the waitstaff was so awesome, I got to eat a bunch of amazing food, including the most amazing spring rolls. I brought them cake and other desserts, and we had a grand old time in the kitchen

It was a hell of a fab wedding. Congratulations, Peter and Katherine!

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