Day 1000

I have taken (at least) a photo a day for the last 1000 days. Mostly more, since this is still a big learning curve for me, and I almost never get the shot I want right out of the gate. What I am also learning, is, that’s true for most photographers, today.

I am lucky to live in the digital age. I can take 137 pictures of bees, or leaves, or toddlers, and one is going to be good enough for what I was thinking of, once I’ve uploaded and edited. This is exactly the right time for how I work, which is to see the picture in my mind, and edit to suit, crop, nudge up some colour, whatever it takes. Or, as is sometimes the case, randomly snapping in the hopes that something will catch my eye once I have a bunch of shots.

I couldn’t have done this without my Photo-a-day folks, either. I know there are a lot of groups like ours on Flickr, but I feel that ours is one of the special ones. I have come to know some really cool people through their photos. Many of us have never met many of the other members (me most of all because I am the only Canadian in a pool of UK and some US peeps) and yet we still can see and, in a way, participate in one another’s lives.

I call it Flickrstalking. It’s seeing a cool hat and wondering how Lindsay’s millinery is going. It’s breaking an egg and wondering how Bena’s new hen is settling into the backyard coop. It’s knowing that Jo gets back from hiking in Turkey on Tuesday, and making a note to check in on her photostream. Knowing Winkle ran another half-marathon today. Lily’s class went into the forest to look for lichens. In return, they have little windows in my life: E, Bax, the cars, the pictures students draw, family and friends and things I notice. A thousand pictures later, I have shared quite a lot in Photo-a-day.

When I first started this in January of 2008, I doubted I would last a year. I am not so good at sticking with things. But having seen myself reach Day 1000, I have to say, bring on Day 2000. This is part of who I am, now.

2 Comments to “Day 1000”

  1. By Lindsay, September 27, 2010 @ 6:27 am

    Aww, thats sweet.. I love reading about your students and you life, its really interesting..x

  2. By Arwen, September 28, 2010 @ 4:11 pm

    So fabulous. I am glad you’re doing it, and it really IS a part of the life you’ve made.

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