About Food.

Max said it first. “I love people with food,” she explained, in the church kitchen. She smiled at me with those crazy hazel eyes full of delight and peace and I felt bathed in love, supported by love.

Somewhere along the way, I became one of those people who makes food to show love. Oh, I’m not a feeder or anything, but if I make food, it is for the people I love. E’s got exclusive rights to the Saskatoonberry crumble that’s in the fridge right now (Thanks for the berries, Sandii!) and there are cookies waiting to bribe the mechanics to work on my cars. I cook for my friends on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter. Food is my medium of expression. I love good food, and I love giving the people I love good food.

Eating together is one of those things. There’s an intimacy to it. There’s something about eating together that really puts people at ease with one another. We let our guards down. We let other people in. We share the experience of the food. To me, that’s magic.

So I get pretty pissed off with how food is labeled ‘good’ and ‘bad’, particularly to women. You know the drill: Good is low-cal and bad has a lot of fat. Dessert is ‘sinfully good’. How is eating a sin? Is it a sin not to strive to be a waif? Is it actually against God’s will if I eat apple pie and ice cream? God, I know Your eye is on the sparrow, but I seriously doubt that You care if I eat dessert, a slab of lasagne, a steak, some salad, or whatever.

Food: It’s fuel. It’s love. It’s sharing. It is not a sin.

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