Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for what I do have. Right now, I am warm, fed, clothed, and comfortable. That’s more than a lot of folks can say.

Lots of times I grouse to myself when I see people spending on unnecessary stuff. But then, I have to remind myself that I deem it unnecessary. Those people may not have my values. I have to realize that that’s ok. They want a big screen TV, I want to go to Paris to take photos with my friends.

I like saving money. Excepting rent, which I pay because I love my neighbourhood, I can save a lot of money on the being fed and clothed. I admit it, though, sometimes I am just plain cheap. I kind of love that.

It’s not all steak dinners over here. I cook from scratch a lot. It’s way cheaper. And when E and I were discussing it the other night, we realized that our making our own bread means we pay about 60 cents a loaf. I was excited. When I can make a pot of soup that will feed us two meals each, with six dollars’ worth of ingredients, I get excited.

Clothing’s easy: Secondhand most of the time. Since I have given in and realized that I need supportive shoes, I get them on sale. And, it’s funny. Supportive shoes last longer. They’re made better than fifteen-dollar ballet flats.

I’m thankful for what I have, and that I can enjoy what I have. I can live in the city I love, in a neighbourhood where I have everything I need. That’s enough for me.

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