Mortality II: Life’s Too Short.

Derek K Miller died yesterday. His last post is a lesson on how to live life and how to accept that life ends.

I was not a friend of Derek’s; more an admirer. He spearheaded the hilarious 432 newspaper at UBC in the mid-nineties. He played in bands I went to see in tiny venues where the carpets smelled unspeakably awful. He taught me some of the first things I learned solidly about taking good photographs.

Today on Facebook, I have not been astonished by how many people’s lives he touched; rather, I’m humbled to have been a part of such a diverse group. My heart goes out to his friends and his family.

Go and hug the people you love. Make them mac and cheese. Read them a story. Forgive them their annoying habits. Life’s too short, people.

Tomorrow, I will blog A Saturday Night in Real Paris. Tonight, I’ll remember a remarkable man.

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