La, la, la…

Yeah. I had every intention of having something great up here. But there I was, innocently writing “Little Red Riding Crop” , and tons of issues came up. Who knew I liked writing Gothic-style, menace-the-girl atmospheric stuff? Not me, anyhow.

Plus, I went to Value Village today and found the most fabulous skirt, except that it had an elasticated waist, and that just looks horrible, and even feels horrible, even if no one can see it. So I did do some writing, and you’ll see the fruits of that later, but mostly I tore out the waist of said skirt. It’s tacked back up and is functional, if not beautiful, in the waistal area, but then, I am functional and not beautiful in said area as well, so we’re well-matched.

The skirt was the kind of Val Vil find that makes me see that my horizons are broader than I thought they were. See, back in my callow youth, I used to pick up clothes there that enabled me to dress like a hippie pirate, or a 60’s Mod glam queen, or sometimes an 1880’s Regent Park horsewoman. Believe it or not, my friends used to stand in awe of my fashion sensibilities. Jenny used to compain that she had to go buy outfits from Bootlegger, whereas I could take ten bucks to Val Vil and come away wth something that no one else was wearing. (In all honestly, that was often because no one else would think of wearing it.)

But now that respectability dogs my heels, and my waist has thickened, and my breasts have decided to assert themselves as though I am a figurehead on an 18th Century trade ship, I no longer have the body that can sport radical or strange fashions without looking as though I am an insane bag lady. Since I am also a teacher, I try not to look like an insane bag lady.

So the skirt was a deeply fabulous find. You’ll see that later as well. In the meantime, I continue to write “Little Red Riding Crop”.

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