Striking A Blow For Interstellar Friendship.

Yeah, it was Friday at work. A little lazy, a little lackadaisical.

J was in my last class. She used to be shy. Now she has me pegged as An Adult Who Will Tell Her Stuff, and she chatters and laughs about the topics she introduces.

She was reading an article on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. She dutifully read it. The following conversation ensued.

J:Do you believe in aliens?

Me: I don’t see why not. The universe is a big place. Wouldn’t it be strange if we were the only people in it?

J: (after consideration) I’m scared of them.

Me: Of aliens? Why?

J: They are ugly.

Me: How?

J: You know. Long necks. Three fingers, not four. They are grey. No hair. And no clothes.

Me: But just because they don’t look like us doesn’t mean they’re scary.

J: (unconvinced)

Me: They won’t hurt you. Maybe they want to be friends. Maybe THEY think WE are ugly!

J: We are?

Me: yeah! Look at us! We’re all pinky-brown coloured! We have four gross fingers! We have yucky hair on our heads! (I pull mine up so I have extreme Pineapple Head)

J: (Looks at her hand dubiously) Maybe.

Me: Also, if they’re naked, maybe they don’t know why we wear clothes. Are we too ugly, so we need clothes?

J: (giggles) We are ugly?

Me: We might be, to aliens! We look different, right? But we could still be friends.

J: How?

Me: Well, what if there’s a girl alien out there, just your age, who likes watching movies and drawing, like you?

J: Aliens like movies?

Me: Some of them probably do. If they do exist, I mean.

J: Girl aliens?

Me: Totally. And what if you and the girl alien both liked to watch movies and draw? Would you be scared of her just because of how she looked?

J: No. (brightens) She would like to watch Ice Princess with me!

Me: She probably would love it.

2 Comments to “Striking A Blow For Interstellar Friendship.”

  1. By Arwen, August 26, 2006 @ 10:06 am

    Liz, defeating interstellar xenophobia for the good of all life-kind.
    However, I question “Ice Princess”.

  2. By Liz, August 26, 2006 @ 11:47 am

    And rightly so. But that movie holds some kind of power over the minds of 10-year-old girls. I’m betting even alien girls are not immune.

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