Baxter’s Big Day

8:30am: Look, you guys! I caught this thing for you! It flutters and stuff, so I know it will be fun prey for us to all take down as a family!

8:47: Wait, you’re hogging it! I brought it into the living room for us to share! Why are you taking it outside? Oooh, are we going hunting together! Cool! Hey! Why are you blocking me? Wait, that’ s not fair, I can’t reach it there!

8:50-1pm Cool! Let’s all play, you guys!

1:pm You guys are totally boring. I’m going exploring.

1:20-5:pm You guys, you GUYS! I am trapped on a roof and no one even cares! I might DIE here! I haven’t had any food for…I don’t even know….I feel faint…....

5:20 :Oh God, I’m here. I’m heeeere, trapped here for all eternity! HEEEEEERE!

5:30: Thank God, you found me! I’m safe now. Hey! Do you guys want to play?

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