New Phone Battery!

Hooray! It is a day for celebration!

Our house phone battery has been weaker than a mewling kitten for some time now. That means that all coversations have to be fifteen minutes or shorter, and the phone has to go right back on the base to recharge. E is not instinctive about re-basing the phone, and so sometimes we have no phone at all other than my cell. As I am one of Nature’s chatters, this has been as a greivous wound to my chatting time. I can talk on my cell, but that costs money, and besides, I have to be out of the no-phone-zone that is my house. With colder weather coming, that could be inconvenient.

But the final straw came tonight when his old friend Darren called from Manitoba, and E had to confine it to a five-minute conversation because the battery was almost dead. He said it, “I’ll get a new battery tomorrow.” That’s it! New battery for us, Hooray!

I have often thought about going and getting it myself, but I charged him with this duty some time ago, and I am now glad that I stuck to my guns. It’s the principle of the thing, you know? I didn’t nag, I didn’t whine. I just let it become woefully inconvenient to him as well.

Also, a big thanks to John from the band for being such a great conversationalist. I know our phone has died on you twice, and I apologise for the inconvenience. E loves talking with you, as do I. We’ll speak-at length- soon!

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